Gesing’s polymer curiosities

Ohio’s Michele Gesing (GabrielStudios) creates polymer clay curiosities – flowers that open, birds in cages, slightly twisted mosaics, little niches, painted pendants, molded beads and more. She paints on polymer to achieve her highly personal, mysterious, soft, moody artworks.

Here’s a little more about her from an ArtBeadScene interview last year. And her Etsy shop is here.

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    • reply Melanie West ,

      Wow! What delightful work! Where has Michele been that I have missed her work. Well… ok, its probably more like where have I been. Heh… that’s why I rely on you, Cynthia, to do my pc surfing for me. 😉

      Keep up the great work, Michele!!

      – Melanie

      • reply Karen A. Scofield ,

        I’m more of a texture and 3D person person so when I was looking into ironwork and polymer clay a couple of years ago, I ran into her shrines and fell in love with the rest of her work. Then I found her work again on flickr (big huge grin). Truly unique and wonderful.

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          Cynthia, everyday you introduce me to a new artist and to new possibilities. I log on to your site the first thing in the morning and spend hours poking around your site, as well as the featured artists sites and on flickr. I am amazed at the plethera of possibilities and designs using poly clay. I am new to polymer clay and am so inspired by everyone’s work. Thank you for sharing and thank you artists for the work that you do.

          • reply Alisa R. ,

            I’m a big fan of Michele’s work/technique (and Michele!) maybe because I have this love of paint and color as well as clay and sculpting.
            So very unique. I love the medieval feel! Her flowers and pods are also wonderful, of which I’m a proud owner.
            I’m always anxious to see what she’s doing. Great to see Michele here!

            • reply Michele Gesing ,

              Thank you for including me Cynthia. I’ve been a follower of yours for a long time. It’s a thrill to be mentioned here.
              I am the Queen of Oblivion and never expected to be here, it took a lovely note from Alisa R to alert me. Thanks

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                Please add me to your it

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