Moseley’s transfer treats

Lynda Moseley (DesignDiva1) gives a delicate, Victorian feel to her polymer clay beads by transferring her vintage bird illustrations to a taupe base that has been mixed with embossing powders. The results are reminiscent of speckled bird eggs.

Lynda has a way with transfers and you’ll see the same graceful, careful touch reflected in many of her beads and pendants. Here’s her blog plus Flickr and Etsy.

  • reply maria psaltis ,

    CI have asmired Lynda’s work for a while.Her work is truly inspirational!

    • reply Sue Whelan ,

      These are lovely. Thanks for the links. I’m feeling very Spring-like today 🙂

      • reply Kate Clawson ,

        I am so glad to see Lynda’s work featured on here, thank you Cynthia! She has an elegant style all her own that I would recognize anywhere! And is such a sweet Southern Gal to boot! 🙂

        • reply Valerianas Studio ,

          Thank you for sending out this article. The beads are just lovely!

          • reply Lynda Moseley ,

            Wow! I am an avid follower of Polymer Clay Daily and am so honored to be featured. Thank you so much, Cynthia!

            These are my first attempts at “bird beads”, and the response has been overwhelming. I am in the studio now putting some new ideas to clay for this series (different colored backgrounds and shapes).

            Thank you again!


            • reply Lisa Clarke ,

              Those are beautiful! And as someone who has had a really hard time with transfers on a curved surface, I particularly admire her ability to include the transfers into the beveled edges of her beads.

              • reply Tina Farthing ,

                Lynda’s work is marvelous! I really love the antique feel of these new transfer beads! Great job Lynda!

                • reply Tina Wade ,

                  Congratulations Lynda! Your work is wonderful

                  • reply Lynda Moseley ,

                    Thank you everyone, for all your wonderful comments. They are a huge boost to my confidence!


                    • reply Georgie Galante ,


                      Your beads are fantastic! I love them.

                      Georgie Galante

                      • reply Wandie Ortiz ,

                        I’ve admired your image transfers for a long time. Congrats on being featured!

                        • reply Susan van Heerden ,

                          I am so boggled by all this beautiful stuff. I am from South African and am keen to learn the workings of Polymer clay. I live in a small city called Port Elizabeth on the South East coast of Africa. I love the way that you are using tanfers on the clay…… what are transfers, where do you get them and how are they used ? where can I learn more about this ?

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