Charming polymer charms

The irregular shape of a Hamsa (the image of a hand often worn in the Middle East and Africa as a charm) makes it difficult to fill with design and pattern. Polymer clay artists have to work especially hard to make cuttouts interesting since our eyes read the shape first.

Israeli artist Angela.B21 takes an interesting approach, refusing to be hemmed in. She lets her polymer clay patterns spill over the hand shape creating a sense of spontenaity and freedom. Her added textures, lively color palette and careful craftsmanship make for lucky and lovely charms.

Angela’s approaches her pendants and bracelet designs with the same lack of constraint and you can see her collection here. You can see Hamsa examples from a variety of artists on WhiteFluffy’s site.

  • reply Dan Cormier ,

    Hi Cynthia,

    I was lucky enough to receive one of Angela’s Hamsas as a gift from her when I taught in Israel last November. I first spotted her dynamic jewelry being worn by one of my students in class. It was hard to miss. Her work is not only beautiful but beautifully crafted as well (something that can only be truly appreciated if your holding her work in your…hamsa). Nice to see you featured here today Angela!



    • reply Angela ,

      Hello ,

      It is a great honor for me to be featured at Polymer Clay Daily today. Thank you for giving me this stage.

      Thank you Dan for your complements , I’m happy that you liked the Hamsa that I gave you .


      • reply Thadd evans ,

        was looking for beads to make dream catchers , I made a angel at Valentines day on a pop cycle stick she has long blond hair big red lips and a halo , she goes with a candy bottle a poem ,,,, It is Mothers Day approaching was wondering what artistic idea is next?Baskets of flowers? mini size?

        • reply Cori ,

          Angela – I love these. Do you have a web store or etsy store somewhere?

          • reply Angela ,

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