Duburg and Dowse fold polymer

Holland’s Annette Duburg folds polymer as if it were fabric, shaping it to resemble those double daffodils that have popped up in my yard. So springy.

Sophie Dowse treats polymer as fabric in her “Bloomies” series that she describes as bud-like pieces that “remind us there is still so much more that wants to blossom in and outside of us.”

Sophie’s shop is in Quebec City and she’s got an Etsy gallery up. Here’s an early post about her. Thanks to Betsy Baker for shouting out about Sophie’s Etsy site.

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    • reply Enkhtsetseg ,

      Just have seen Annette Duburg’s works on her site. Wonderful! So perfectly done!
      Love Sophie Dowse’s work either!
      Thanks for sharing!

      • reply Bettina ,

        Anette is a great artist, I enjoy her work very much and this necklace is breathtaking. On top of that she’s such a nice person as well – I first met her two years ago when Sarah was teaching for us in Germany. Anette also will join us on Donna’s class this year – glad to see her again.
        The german guild was able to get her for teaching our workshop weekend in 2010! It will be silkscreened inros….we’re looking really forward to it.

        • reply Sophie ,

          Hello There,

          Just found this blog, mentionning about my work.
          Thank you so much, I greatly appreciate it!


          Lotsa Love from Quebec city
          May the best in you BLOOOOM!


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