Davis’ faux fossils

Lynn Davis makes polymer clay faux ceramic beads like no one else. In her recent post she lets us peer over her shoulder as she finishes a batch.

Repeated painting and buffings give her beads a patina and hints of past lives. These faux fossils are particularly alluring and the use of links instead of holes in the beads makes them even more unusual. Her Etsy shop shows a great selection.

If, like me, you want to know how to get started, take a look at this polymerclayweb tutorial. Here’s an earlier post about Lynn.

  • reply byZarah ,

    I saw these polymer clay faux ceramic beads in the etsy shop. Oh my I loved the pendants with the Eiffel Tower! Brilliant work, five stars to the artist. Both idea and presentation is perfect too. Hope you will be selling many of these. And thanks Cynthia for the post by the way. Hugs // byZarah.com

    • reply Lynda Moseley ,

      I’m so glad to see Lynn Davis featured today. I am anxiously awaiting delivery of my Carpe Diem Heart I purchased from her Etsy store last week. Her designs are brilliant.

      • reply Lynn Davis ,

        Cynthia, what a surprise to see my work here, so many talented polymer clay artists are featured, I feel very special. I’m back from Artfest (where I did not take any polymer clay classes, other things this time) and finally getting back into the saddle in the studio, as you see in the post! Appreciate all the kind words here, I’m basking in the attention …

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