Shea’s polymer ACEO

Tamara Shea (BlockPartyPress) stamped, painted and distressed this springy polymer clay ACEO (Artist Cards Editions and Originals), a small piece of original art for collecting and trading.

The trees are created with a hand-carved stamp and add dimension to the piece which is 2.5″ x 3.5″, the standard ACEO size. It’s backed with card stock, signed and dated. Artists all over the world are creating, trading and selling these miniature works in a wide variety of media.

Tamara was one of the polymer clay communities earliest online sellers and she’ll hit her 1500th Etsy sale this month. Impressive design, production and sales! Here’s an earlier post.

Ford/Forlano weigh in

Actually Steve and Dave aren’t weighing in (April fools!) but their 100-bead, 22″ wide polymer clay and silver necklace tips the scales at 3.5 pounds.

Dave Forlano and Steve Ford recently delivered the large double-sided pillow necklace to the Philadelphia Museum of Art (PMA). The piece was commissioned by the Women’s Committee of the PMA and given to the permanent collection in memory of Anne d’Harnoncourt, the late director of the PMA who owned five Ford/Forlano big bead necklaces.

It will go on view in the PMA’s contemporary craft gallery on May 9th and be a part of an exhibition highlighting the permanent collection during the SNAG conference in Philadelphia May 20-24.

The subdued, classical, restrained side is modeled here by Ford/Forlano’s metalsmith, Maryanne Petrus. The other side (shown in the closeup) is exuberant and colorful. Truly diva jewelry.

If you missed the video of the Ford/Forlano studio in our earlier post, you can still watch it here.