Schwarzenberg’s one cane, many leaves

These polymer clay leaves from Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg’s class descriptions look a lot like the wild things popping up in my garden. Do you suppose the creator, like Lynne Ann, only uses one cane?

You can see her mind at work as she takes a simple cane and grows it into a multitude of petal, leaf and foliage shapes. Click on the her pictures, you’ll get an even closer look.

Lynne Ann is teaching California and Milwaukee in May if you want to catch up with her. Here’s an earlier post about her. She’s the only artist I know who has Skinner-blended her hair color!

  • reply Melanie West ,

    OMG! What stunning cane work!
    *jumps up and applauds wildly*
    Brava Lynne Ann! Your floral cane work is simply magnificent!!

    Cynthia, you have given me a well needed kick in my butt to get back into the studio and work! (Well, its helps that it’s raining and I can’t do any gardening. lol!)

    • reply sue farace ,

      If any of you can take a class from Lynne it will be well worth it. She is a wonderful teacher, person and all around great gal!


      • reply Dee Wilder ,

        I’ll second that. LYnne is a giving, sweet and wonderful person and teacher.

        • reply JuLee ,

          Yes, I can personally state for a fact that they are all one cane. I was fortunate enough to take a class from Lynne Ann – this particular cane as a matter of fact. It was just mind boggling what she could do with it.

          • reply Dave at Rings & Things ,

            These are truly great examples of what you can achieve by working hard to master the subtleties of poly clay. Way to go, Lynne Ann!

            (@Rings_Things on Twitter)

            • reply Laura ,

              See what you can do with just one cane! Lynne Ann is a wonder with green and
              gold clay. Her spotted cane necklace is a knockout. And you should see her scrap pile, too. A large baggie of scrap green clay and one of gold scrap clay that she actually uses in some of her cane constructions to achieve that wonderful striated look. Whata gal, what an artist! The New York Guild was lucky enough to book her last year and since we have so many new members, we’re working to get her back again. She’s a winner. Thanks Lynne for your flower inspiration.

              • reply Uut - 02.05.2009 « Emilia Käsitöö ,

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