Maunsell’s polymer constructions

Canadian Claire Maunsell must have as much trouble with spacer beads as I do and she’s come up with a new twist and a great design that avoids them.

Every other bead nests into the next on this “Lava collar” polymer clay necklace.

Her “Armadillo” bracelet shown here has glass balls embedded in the clay and is assembled in more of a ball and socket configuration. I remember seeing a similar trick on a Gwen Gibson video.

Claire’s colors and textures are a treat and you’ll want to browse through all her Flickr pix.

  • reply claire maunsell ,

    Thanks so much for including me in your wonderful blog. I’m honoured and so encouraged, and I check in most days to see what’s posted. Imagine my surprise…

    • reply Pamela Jean Lacasse ,

      I’m still new to polymer clay,, these are fabulous. I love the illusion of these beads. She does such beautiful work. I have so much to learn.

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