Blackburn’s polymer clay Möebius Strips

Carol Blackburn’s “Möebius Strips” polymer clay necklace fools the eye. You’ll have to look closely to see how Carol cleverly combines strips of Skinner-blended clay to look like undulating, interconnected beads. My science guy husband was impressed with the engineering of the piece.

Read more about Carol in this article in the March/April Craftsman magazine.

I first came upon the Möebius necklace on the British guild’s site. The necklace made its debut at last year’s EuroClay Carnival. This year’s event sold out quickly as polymer clay expertise and enthusiasm grow in Europe.

  • reply Lynda ,

    WAOOOOOOO !!!!
    c’est magique, merveilleux!!!!!
    merci Cynthia!

    • reply Luthien46 ,

      This is one of the most amazing pieces I’ve seen in quite a while. Impeccable craftsmanship, optimum sense of balance, colour, dimension… And all this using relatively basic techniques that keep things simple and still amazing. A masterpiece.

      • reply Zuleykha ,

        Wow! The necklace is amazing! I am very impressed!

        • reply Sandra ,

          Way cool!

          • reply Kylee (Lunes Bijoux) ,

            I am just so pleased to have Carol on the team for the Euro Clay Carnival in France 2009! Cynthia – you mention this event is full – well that’s true but guess what!
            The same teachers will be back in France March 2010 to take part in Clay Corbières Créatives – I had a meeting yesterday and those wheels are already turning!

            Polymer Clay in Europe and definitely arrived with a BIG BANG!

            Perhaps I can persuade Carol to change her March 2010 workshop to something on the lines of the above stunning creation!?


            • reply Juli ,

              That piece is just breathtaking!

              • reply debbie carlton ,

                well done to our Carol, we’re very proud of her here in the UK. I’ve seen the necklace up close so to speak, and it’s stunning.

                Any other UK peeps out there? check out and join us every few months for polymer clay play and chats

                • reply Susan ,


                  • reply Pat Bolgar ,

                    Very impressive. It’s clever and beautiful.

                    • reply Bettina Welker ,

                      • reply Melinda ,

                        That is so cool! Wonderful. Love the earrings too.

                        • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                          Beautiful! And what other medium could have been used for that effect? Metal strips would hurt! Paper strips would disintigrate! It’s perfect for polymer clay and WHY didn’t *I* think of it first??!! ;^)

                          • reply Enkhtsetseg Tserenbadam ,

                            Really wonderful!

                            • reply Alison Gallant ,

                              It is beautiful, Carol, and very cleverly put together. See you and Debbie at the London meeting.

                              • reply Dan Cormier ,

                                Wow, that’s pretty cool Carol. Very slick indeed!

                                • reply Seth L Savarick ,

                                  A beautiful piece!!!

                                  • reply Carol Blackburn ,

                                    It’s an honour to be on PCD, thank you Cynthia and thanks to everyone for your comments.
                                    Bettina – I’m looking forward to seeing you in France at Kylee’s Euro Clay Carnival. And thanks for noting the similarity to Carina’s necklace. I made mine last year; that it seems similar is one of those coincidences. Two or more people often come up with similar ideas at about the same time.
                                    Debbie and Alison – Thanks for your comments too – see you at the next London clay day later this month.

                                    • reply Bettina ,

                                      Carol: I didn’t mean to imply anything to this – just noticed the similarity in stringing – no hard thoughts at all;)
                                      I’m really looking forward to the ecc and I’m excited to meet you again. Too bad we didn’t find the time to chat a bit last year at synergy… we’ll catch up in october!!!

                                      • reply Christine Dumont ,

                                        Yup, pretty brainy piece of work. Highly engineered yet feels like twisted cloth and drapes beautifully. Complicatedly simple. Well done, Carol. See you in London on the 24th.

                                        • reply Lorrene Davis ,

                                          • reply Pamela Jean Lacasse ,

                                            These are great….love them and how they go together.

                                            • reply Peggy Barnes ,

                                              That is what I call true artistic talent. Absolute awesomeness!!!!! I am so jealous in such a good way.

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