George’s solo polymer exhibit

Ellen George’s Nose Touches Twig solo exhibit of polymer clay sculptures inspired by nature will be at PDX Contemporary Art in Portland, Oregon through May 30.

A former dental technician Ellen pushes the clay in new directions with her abstract forms that vary in density, color and translucence.

The imagined forms are evocative of undersea life, water, clouds, and geological formations. The relationship to the wall is explored in pieces like this 14.5″ by 14.5″ Scatter where holes are carved out of coral-like pieces of large flat pieces of polymer clay.

Here’s a post about an earlier exhibit. I love the vibrancy and size of this new series.

  • reply Amy E Wallace ,

    OH dear, how I’d like to see that exhibit.

    • reply Valerie ,

      Standing. Applauding.

      • reply Kate Clawson ,

        Love the organics!

        • reply Susan Leach ,

          I went to see this today. I enjoyed some of the pieces, but others not so much.

          The coral like pieces were very interesting. Subtle color shifts, interesting surface textures with a very organic feel. The wall shadows seemed to be part of the piece. Very enjoyable.

          I didn’t enjoy the stacked bead pieces as much. I just didn’t get it.

          My daughter and 2 year old granddaughter went with me to the gallery. My daughter felt the same as I did about the pieces, but the 2 year old loved the beads. Perception is everything.

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