Bohmer’s polymer rainbow

Take sunny colors and extruded polymer clay strings, stir in a dash of unexpected construction and you’ve got Margit Bohmer’s Big Rainbow necklace and a fun Friday.

Margit is part of the German guild and she’s been on a bit of a roll lately, trying everything from tranfers to faux with great results that’s she shares on her Flickr page.

We’re boating and beaching this weekend. Hope yours is sunny too.

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  • reply Susanne Dingendorf ,

    Margit is one of the lovablest “sisters”
    of our German Guild I’ve ever met…
    You should see her chains and beads
    in real, unbelievable…

    • reply Melinda ,

      those are cool!

      • reply Dee Wilder ,

        I always enjoy Margit’s postings on flickr. You can SEE how much fun she’s having.

        • reply Bettina Mertz ,

          I love her use of colors.

          • reply Pat Lacy ,

            Thank you for introducing me to Margit. I can learn a lot from her since she and I have the same style and use of color.

            • reply Gloria Askin ,

              Love it!

              • reply Sherry Bailey ,

                Really fun and such a logical idea — I;’m surprised I haven’t seen it before, but now that I have, I MAY have to try it myself!

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