Williamson’s cool polymer


Pennsylvania’s Genevieve Williamson (Jibby and Juna) loves gray and muted colors for her polymer clay designs. Her cool, organic designs have a very modern sensibility and you’ll want to soak up the ambience at her blog and on her etsy gallery.


I’m soaking up the ambience of this coffee shop, my wifi oasis in Florida. My in-laws long ago opted out of technology and are baffled by my need to drive off to get a daily hit of caffeine and electrons. I’m writing fast and trying to remember that I’m on vacation.

Today’s link comes from Eugena Topina’s PolymerClayChameleon site. I’m headed for the dock to watch the porpoises.

  • reply Julie Picarello ,

    The splash of subtle color against a rough and weathered background is simple and very striking. The addition of the cold connections are the icing on the cake…Genevieve has hit the mark in my book!

    • reply byZarah ,

      The ring is very nice. I’m reminded of vikings in a land far dar away 🙂 In the etsy shop the Harbor pendant is very high quality art. Love them! / byZarah.com

      • reply Pat Wilson ,

        Love your design!What was your inspiration?What was your was your process?

        Pat Wilson

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