McCaw’s falling polymer leaves

McCaw Falling Leaves Brooch

Sandra McCaw‘s new stunning falling leaves series hasn’t been posted on her web site yet and I couldn’t wait to share this lovely work. Her slideshow on the Crafthaus site includes Sandra’s new polymer clay pieces exquisitely photographed by Hap Sakwa.

The balance and symmetry perfectly mimic leaves floating on a breeze. Sandra pairs the tight geometric canes for which she’s known with shibori-like washes of color.

Judy Dunn gave me a shout out about the new pictures.

  • reply Sandra ,

    Thanks Cynthia-Judy too! I’m having a blast with all these leaves floating around. You forgot to mention one thing, if I may. Me-Asymmetry. Who would have thought it could happen!

    • reply jana ,

      Pure perfection…but what else would you expect from Sandra? The composition is breathtaking…congrats, Sandra, on your stunning work..

      • reply Martha Aleo ,

        Absolutely gorgeous! I love the way Sandra takes her style in a direction that is unexpected yet so appropriate.

        • reply Shane Smith ,

          Wow Sandra! Thanks for keeping the standard, very, very high.

          • reply Melanie ,

            My bottom jaw is on the floor…totally without words…Perfection 🙂

            • reply Sherry Bailey ,

              Sandra just keeps getting better and better. Those are gorgeous! And the asymmetry, Sandra, is a wonderful foil for the precision of your canework. I have jewelry lust in a bad way!

              • reply Sarajane Helm ,

                oh my!!! these are wonderful. And the asymetry and the juxtaposition of the hard and soft color areas are REALLY appealing to me. I love Sandra’s work any time, but these are particularly fab!!

                • reply Lenora Kandiner ,

                  I was lucky enough to see these in person at a show where Sandra and I were both selling our work. They are even more gorgeous!

                  • reply Meisha Barbee ,

                    Sandra’s slide show on Crafthaus is just beautiful. Bravo Sandra.
                    Thank you Cynthia for the introduction to the Crafthaus site, I just marvel at the beautiful work on this site.

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