Friesen, Alibert, Belchi – old is new

I’m not sure that I could successfully integrate the bits and bobs from the corners of my junk drawer into polymer clay jewelry but that’s what Christi Friesen aims to do with her new “foundpunk” line of brooches. Her impulse for reusing and recycling may be just right for our times.

France’s Christine Alibert (Xtine) combines fun fibers with her polymer brooches.

If, like me, you’ve admired these yarns but couldn’t envision a use, Christine’s work may have you heading to your fiber stash.

Combed polymer clay beads like Christine’s and this second one by Spain’s Ana Belchi have grown in popularity recently. I created combed polymer faux tiles for my stairway years ago and am happy to be back in fashion.

  • reply byZarah ,

    Such lovely brooches! Like the mixed media one the left, looks like a real steel wheel? Really cool, goes great with those greens! /

    • reply Jeannie ,

      How original and ecelctic. I love the colors.

      • reply xtine! ,

        thank you so much for featuring my work!!! I just received a mail From Dan Cormier telling me about it. Thank you again for your nice comments.

        • reply Marcie ,

          I wonder if I could clean out my junk drawer and send the contents to Christine. They surely don’t inspire me like that.

          • reply Christine Harris ,

            Love the brooch with the gear! All of them are beautiful!

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