Sim’s polymer fights fear

Singapore’s Garie Sim is fighting fear with polymer clay and humor. The illustration at the left shows the H1N1 virus being attacked. If you look closely under our microscope you will see that the attacker is Garie’s polymer creation at the right.

His knife-wielding creatures are called the H1N1PC virus and they shout the battle cry, “Don’t whine, we will take out the swine.”

You might guess that Garie works with children. If you scroll down his blog you’ll see wonderful pictures of his young students standing proudly with their polymer works.

You can understand why Garie is combatting the fear virus with hope and cheer. Thanks to Lindly Haunani for the link.

  • reply Petteri Leppikallio ,

    Once again fabulous article introducing fabulous site and work. This hit right to my laugh nerve and made my day. Thank you.

    • reply Melanie West ,

      OMG!Garie has always been a leader in stretching and exploring the potential of polymer clay, but holly smokes! This piece is fantastic! Ok, his inspiration is right up my (current) alley (microbes and such), but… well… I think it’s a 10 in my book. Garie Sim rocks! (Hmmm… I wonder if we could get him to come to Synergy II next year?)

      Thanks Cynthia (and Lindly) for this morning shot of inspiration!

      • reply Sara ,

        I really like the way he got it to look so like that widely-used image of the flu virus. I’m confused by the metaphor — it looks like a virus, it is made up of pigs with knives, but it “shows the H1N1 virus being attacked”?

        • reply michele holley 'luny' ,

          Cynthia … Love the ‘virus terminators’, lol! It is so great to see Garie featured here. He is a remarkable, talented and caring person and I love to see him getting the exposure he deserves. Many thanks from one his dedicated followers.
          hugs, luny

          • reply Cynthia Tinapple ,

            Sara – It was hard to explain. His site shows it better than I could ever say it.


            • reply Virus and parasites ,

              haha…very apt indeed. Virus and parasites are nasty stuff, taking advantage of the host body and often without paying a price for it.

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