Samsonova’s polymer glows

Click on this polymer clay necklace to see how glow-in-the-dark can be both fun and sophisticated. Elena Samsonova is a Russian-born Connecticut artist who has lately been reviving and updating 60’s psychedelic canes, making them trendy again.

Her Flickr collection shows her recent bright, bold palette. In one departure from color, Elena created white “animal beads” covered with slices of simple line drawing canes (inspired by an Ikea shower curtain) that are incredibly charming.

We last visited her in 2007 when wirewrapping was her focus.

Here’s her blog in English and if you want to see her work-in-progress, visit her Russian site.

  • reply Sheri Williamson ,

    As a child of the Psychedelic Psixties and a fan of GITD clay, how could I not love this necklace? Reminds me of some of James Lehman‘s work.

    I’ve extruded GITD with shades of blue for a bedroom switchplate and fan pull and mixed bits into faux turquoise for a watchband, but I haven’t tried caning with it yet. Hmmm…

    • reply Elena Samsonova ,

      Thank you, Cynthia for such warm words and noticing!;)
      I’m a moderator of a huge Russian speaking polymer clay community based in livejournal blog – We are very glad our artists start to appear more and more often in your blog!
      We have a lot of talented Russian-speaking artist although polymer clay is relatively new material in Russia and in the other countries of Former Soviet Union . Our community is only four years old and the number of our members increased during last two year from less then a thousand to almost four thousand people. Not all of our members work with polymer clay often but I want you to take a look on one more Russian artist, Maria Kosova.
      She is a professional jeweler, and teaches children in art school in Moscow. Here is her website –
      Maria works not only with polymer clay but with enamels, metals and almost with any other materials too. She shows her polymer clay masterpieces in our community here –
      Hope you will write about Maria Kosova too (in much better English then me;) because her works are just incredible and very realistic. She makes wonders with pc!
      Her Russian blog is here –

      P.S.: Ups… I didn’t have a chance to change my profile on flikr since I moved from Brooklyn to Greenwich, CT. Sorry;)

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