Memorial face cane

Today I had my own private meditation on Michael Jackson as I quickly built one last polymer clay face cane of him based on an illustration in the New Yorker magazine.

Years ago, I remember my son feeling sick after celebrating his birthday with a black cake decorated with one white sequined glove made of frosting. Jackson’s music is entwined in our family’s growing up stories.

I made a Thriller cane in the early 90’s, my black and white phase, and still have a chunk of it left. It’s still useable and the image still resonates. His death marks the end of an era. Have a look at my process here.

  • reply DiAnne Evans ,

    That is truly awesome!

    • reply Dee Wilder ,

      Wow! You’re good!

      • reply Katie ,

        You amaze me… always have! Good work Cyn!!!

        • reply Cody Goodin ,

          Awesome cane work. I wish I could do that!

          • reply Barb Fajardo ,

            Very cool Cynthia! Love the step by step pics…

            • reply Jeannie ,

              Those are…WOW…spectacular!
              Great way to immortalize him.

              • reply iris mishly ,

                thank you Cynthia, what a way to remember michael, you did great job!

                • reply Kathryn Ottman ,

                  • reply Sue Rindflesch ,

                    This is awesome. Do you make other cane faces? Where are they sold if they are?

                    • reply michele holley 'luny' ,

                      Cynthia … simply incredible. Not only did you capture a great iconic image, you did it extremely well. Job well done. It is nice to see you sharing some of YOUR work!
                      hugs, luny

                      • reply Christy Dickerson ,

                        Thanks Cynthia for sharing. Your cane of Michael is awesome. What better way to pay tribute to a great artist than through your own medium. He would love that!

                        • reply Susanne Dingendorf ,

                          thank you for sharing the
                          process of making it…
                          You even captured Michael’s
                          slightly melancholic facial
                          expression! GREAT!

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