Hughes’ article in Ornament

The Path from Nothing to Something is the title of an article on Tory Hughes in this month’s Ornament magazine. Tory’s path usually leads to new levels of play, experiment and expansion and it should be a good read.

If the article and the delicious photos aren’t enough, you may want to consider Tory’s creativity retreat, Perception and Play, in France this fall. The two basic concepts of the retreat are:

    1. What you perceive leads directly into what you create and teaches you who you are as a creator.
    2. How you play teaches you to experiment, learn, integrate, expand and express without risk.

      Doesn’t that sound enticing? Find all the details here.

      • reply Jeanne Rhea ,

        Tory’s blog or “log” is as good as they get! Brilliant. Her workshops must be fantastic.

        • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

          Tory’s book (Polymer: The Chameleon Clay”) was the first polymer clay book I bought, and it’s a classic. It was written in 2002 — which can be eons in “polymer clay time” — but it is just as inspirational and enlightening today. Her DVDs are also fabulous. Her work is beautiful, energetic and timeless.

          • reply Julie Picarello ,

            Tory’s ‘Mokume Gane’ video was a huge inspiration to me in 2005 – I made it halfway through before I jumped up to try some of the ideas spinning in my head. I never got around to finishing that video, but the half I did watch started me down the path I still travel today. I’ll echo Ronna…Tory’s work is timeless.

            • reply Cate ,

              Much as I love Tory’s work, I cannot go near her website because something there slows my computer to a crawl every time. It simply takes ages to load. And Cynthia, I always end up smacking my forehead when I click the link without even thinking—ARGH! Today my computer froze up completely for about five minutes trying to load her site. From now on I will be have to give any links to a wide berth *sob*

              So may I post a question for Tory via PCD, Cynthia?: Tory, what could it possibly be about your website that’s making it so slow to load? My computer has no trouble at all with any other sites, and I look at lots of graphic-heavy sites.


              • reply Sabine ,

                I love Tory’s mokume gane work. the colours are so delish, the article in ornament sooo inspiring. I’m so glad Tory sent me a copy along with the mokume gane DVD. Even though I have been playing with this technique a little, watching it inspired me to experiment more, work on a smaller scale and use texturing tools in a more controlled manner. Thanks for sending me in this direction Julie – I’m hooked.

                • reply Susan O'Neill ,

                  Looks like I have to go grab a copy of Ornament! The Chameleon Clay completely captured my imagination, too. I am fortunate enough to be attending one of her workshops in Columbus next month, and I absolutely cannot wait!

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