Wilkes’ wonky pendants

These wonky polymer clay chrysalis pendants from Lori Wilkes made me smile with their colorful, lopsided messages. And I read that she’s in a show in my area this weekend.

I’ve seen her scarabs in the June Bead and Button magazine, she’s had her wearable icons, story lockets, and windows in Belle Armoire. It’s about time I saw Lori’s work in person.

“Lately, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking of works that incorporate trash. Redeeming used up, throw away items is a great spiritual metaphor. It’s these stories and ideas that keep me working into the wee hours. Pushing for something new,” she says.

Here’s her blog and her flickr site. Have a lovely weekend.

  • reply Pat Lacy ,

    Thank you Cynthia for sharing. I can’t wait to log-on each morning to learn about another great artist. I am filled with wonderment and can spend hours poking around “the days” artist, learning all I can about how they build/create such beautiful pieces of art.

    Today, I especially enjoyed Lori’s scarabs and am drawn to her style and use of materials. Lori, thank you for inspiring me.

    • reply Barb Fajardo ,

      Love Lori’s work…I hadn’t seen it until now :o)

      Me thinks her lovely chunky necklaces could go for more though…

      • reply Lisa Clarke ,

        Those pendants have a Dr. Seuss vibe that I am loving.

        • reply Sara Hall ,

          the pendants look like okra or butterfly chrysalises 🙂 beautiful!

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