My faux slate sleight of hand

As a way to get myself off the computer and into the studio more, I’ve decided to post about my own work every week or so (blush, blush). Hence my Friday faux slate switchplates.

A local woman’s expensive kitchen renovation with slate backsplash fell flat because first things that caught your eye were the generic switchplates. She read about my faux stone and we decided to give it a try. All six plates are different colors and configurations. You can read more about how I made them here.

  • reply Angela ,

    How great that we’ll get to see more of your work ! And these are wonderful ! The other photos really show how it totally makes a different in the overall look . Congratulations on such a successful and harmonious result.

    • reply skygrazer ,

      Those are great. I love the fact that you made each one different so they really look like stone. I’m sure your customer was ecstatic 🙂

      • reply donna thome ,

        WOW, I LOVE Those!!

        • reply Babs Young ,

          These are great. I have a slate backsplash and may give these a whirl. You know that the plugs and switches can be purchased in dark brown which I think might look better than the almond or white. I have them on my slate, but need to do the new covers.

          • reply Jeanne Dumond ,

            Cynthia, Great Slate! I would never have thought of the uneven edges, perfect way to finish the plates!

            • reply Sherry Bailey ,


              I’m not normally a fan of decorative switchplates — I like them to disappear, not stand out. These do exactly that! I have 2 inch slate tiles as a backsplash, too, and this might be a project I need to try! Thanks for the great idea!

              • reply Lenora ,

                These are great – and as I read your post I’m looking at the white switchplates on the beautiful silk wallpaper and thinking – I could do something better. Thanks for the inspiration. And don’t be bashful about sharing your work with us. I’ve been lucky enough to see it in person.

                • reply jana ,

                  Wow, very realistic and superbly done. Congrats, Cynthia…I’m sure the woman was completely thrilled with this perfect result! And, yes, I too would love to see more of your work…keep it comin’..


                  • reply janice abarbanel ,

                    Nice job Cynthia – they are do beautiful. I look forward to your Friday posts – thanks for sharing!

                    • reply Alisa R. ,

                      See? That is what I love about polymer clay!
                      What a fantastic idea and they look fantastic, too.
                      And having YOUR projects to look forward to each week –Yay!!

                      • reply Jeannie ,

                        One of my best sellers are the polymer clay switch plate covers I make. I have been making them for over five years. They are on my website.

                        • reply Carol Shelton ,

                          Some industrial design firm is going to hire you away from us!

                          • reply Robin ,

                            When I had my kitchen counters redone in granite a few months ago I really hated how store-bought switchplates looked. So, I made my own to match the granite. It took 3 tries, and although they aren’t perfect, I’m very happy with the results.

                            • reply Priscilla Lane ,

                              Wow. I love to see ideas like this. What a difference your faux stone makes compared to the ordinary switch plate. Hmm–wonder if I could cover our electric meter box outside to blend with the bricks 🙂 Thank you for sharing some of your own work and your techniques as well as those of wonderful artists from around the world. Your site is pure inspiration.

                              • reply globe ,

                                gĂ©nial!!!!!!!l’idĂ©e est tout simplement bluffante!!et la rĂ©alisation encore plus!!!c’est superbe ce travail d’imitation de la pierre de ta cuisine!!!
                                bravo, bravo!!
                                see you soon !!

                                • reply tejae ,

                                  One of my favorite artists! Thanks for featuring her (yourself!) Clever idea! I especially like the uneven edges.

                                  Looking forward to your weekly feature.


                                  • reply Sue ,

                                    Fabulous! What a difference these will make in her kitchen. You executed them brilliantly. So glad to hear you will be featuring more of your own work, it’s so well-done and inspirational.

                                    • reply carissa ,

                                      yes, please!!!
                                      more of your own work which is lovely. the slate is just wonderful!

                                      • reply Michele 'luny' ,

                                        What a stunning difference in the ‘after’ photo! The switchplates complete the updated backsplash and gives it the expensive and finished look that it deserves. Outstanding work! So happy you are finding time to get back to the studio and share your creative work.
                                        hugs, luny

                                        • reply Barbara P-W ,

                                          Those are wonderful, Cynthia! I’m wondering, though, is there any concern about the PC catching fire if there’s ever a spark? I’ve heard others say that’s why they use some type of switchplate form under their switchplates.

                                          • reply Susan Gantz ,

                                            One of the best faux stones I’ve seen. Willing to share some “how-to’s”?

                                            • reply Susan Detwiler ,

                                              Cynthia, I love these. It’s nice to see some (more) of your work. I think I need to make some for my own home; sadly, most of my switchplates look like the before pics.

                                              • reply LaLa ,

                                                Oh yes the “after” photos really help. You get the the total picture of what the switch plates look like on the actual wall, in the kitchen.

                                                Great work!

                                                Witch one of Victoria;s texture sheets did you use?

                                                • reply jen ,

                                                  Gorgeous! Was the slate u used fake, if so where did u buy it. We r remodeling & am looking for fake wall slate.

                                                  • reply Sandy ,

                                                    do you sell them? I would be interested in purchasing them … not as talented as you to make them. THX

                                                    • reply SANDRA ,

                                                      NICE RUSTIC COLORS!!!!

                                                      • reply Cameron ,


                                                        I’d like to order 5.
                                                        Send me an email.


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