Polymer playing, risking

Atlanta artist/illustrator Tammy Durham has begun a blog devoted to her polymer clay illustrations. Her newest 18″x24″ piece, Cardinals and Girl with Red Hair, gives us a colorful and exhuberant start for a creative summer week.

Tammy is developing art for physicians and childrens hospitals. She shares her ambitious plans and goals on her website and blog – a bold and gutsy move. Take a look.

The quote below is from Tory Hughes’ latest post. She makes me want to proclaim this a week to play. Following her own advice, Tory allowed herself to play as she created a mobile of 51 polymer butterflies for the August Sculpting Color show at the Fuller Craft Museum. Reading about her stumbles and obstacles may make you more willing to take chances with your work.

Playing and creating are very close together.
When we play, what do we do? We make something up.
When we create, what do we do? We make something up.
When we let ourselves enter the world of play, we…start to romp around in what might be. In the ‘what if’.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Tammy, since I can’t draw or paint I just marvel at your work. I love your comment about why you why you paint birds and trees. I can only dream about art like this.

    • reply Pamela ,

      How great! Take a look at the “Details Count” link on Tammy’s website–it’s great!

      • reply Tammy Durham ,

        Thanks Jeannie,
        I love the art of polymer clay. You can do so much with it!

        • reply Tammy Durham ,

          Hi Pamela, I love the “Details Count” page too. I am happy to know that for some people it really does make a difference. I am glad I added it to my site. Hope to add more pics of little details soon.
          Take care.

          • reply Polymer Clay Daily, July 20, 2009 ,

            […] Cynthia Tinapple included one of my quotes in her piece entitled, “Polymer playing, risking”. She also talks about another talented artist/illustrator, Tammy Durham. You can read the entire post below, or go directly to her post at Polymer Clay Daily.com […]

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