Wolfe and Peel polymer surprises

Just when you think you’ve seen every version of polymer clay mokume gane, you happen upon River Wolfe’s summer collection which reveals some surprising patterns and designs.

And when you think you’ve seen every earring design possible, you run into Krista Peel’s white collection. Though there’s not much polymer on her Etsy site, look at the way she bends wires in endless ways to produce simple earrings that have class and drama.

Krista is a versatile artist and her website it full of unexpected delights. I was led to Krista via Eugena Topina’s site. Have a surprising weekend.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    I love the fairie bottles, they’re enchanting.

    • reply Elizabeth ,

      Incredible. Thanks. Liz

      • reply Sara ,

        I’m not very experienced and would not have known the cool pendant was mokume gane. Was it done by pressing a stamp with a design into the mokume gane stack rather than random impressions?

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