Helm’s secret sources

Sarajane Helm’s site is my favorite source for out-of-the-ordinary polymer clay tools and supplies. This weekend I needed custom made rubber stamps so I headed to the ReadyStamp form on her site.

If there’s a new product (like these inks), she’s researched and compared it. Last month I traipsed all over town looking for varnish and ended up ordering from her online link.

Each time I go to her site, I spend time with her collection of tattooed and Victorian hand beads. They fascinate me and now they’re for sale on her Etsy site.

Thanks to Sarajane for her persistence in finding the best products and for her generosity in sharing with the rest of us. You’ll find lots of treasures buried in her information-rich site.

  • reply VAharoni ,

    Sarajane does wonderful tings for the pc community. Her mask swaps are fabulous!
    I feel I must mention a relatively new product, PYM II. It is a spray fixative. Gives a less ‘plasticky’ finish. I was looking for something that I could use sucessfully with Krylon pens. Every other fixative/sealant I tried just made the Krylon run. The PYM II does not! Since it is a spray even the most delicate of surface treatments may be sealed.
    Once I received a pendant from anoth pc artist with a transfer. The pendant was tacky to touch. I gave it a couple of coats with PYM II and voila! perfect.
    The owners are delightful and will work with individuals for different finish needs, shiny, gloss, matte…I use the standard and it fills my needs perfectly.
    This sounds like an ad…I am not affiliated in any way. Just want people to use the product so that they keep making it!

    Here is a link to the product http://www.precision-blue.com/ I believe they currently have a special running.


    • reply Jeannie ,

      The hand beads are creepy but cool. It’s nice to be able to go to one source for most of your needs and get superior products.
      Thanks Cyndi for the information.

      • reply Melanie West ,

        Brava Sarajane, and welcome to Etsy! Your work is always alluring and beautiful. I’m guessing your Etsy Shop will be a very busy place in no time. 🙂

        • reply Sarajane Helm ,

          Thank you so much for featuring my hand beads here Cynthia! What a pleasant surprise to start my day yesterday, I appreciate it!!

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