Danym’s African interpretation

France’s Danym (Fimoti-Fimota) loves African jewelry and it shows. A polymer clay necklace that could fall flat and be seen as clunky and crude becomes powerful and earthy instead. I wish I could put my finger on what makes the difference. You figure it out.

Enjoy traveling to France rummaging through Danym’s site and Flickr page while I head to Colorado. With any luck, one of my traveling friends will have packed some bibelot she’s made and I can photograph it for tomorrow’s viewing.

I found Danym while wandering through the French group site, Parole de pate.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    Her color palette is so soothing.

    • reply Louise Fischer Cozzi ,

      Hi Cynthia.
      I think the key to the necklace “working” is contrast. The huge heavy rough monochromatic beads contrast strongly with the small, more regular, more colorful beads. But its success is also dependent on a general roughness, which makes it obvious to the viewer that the crudity is intentional and integral to the expressive nature of the work.

      • reply sandra ,

        The Africa interpretation polymer clay jewelry is fantastic. I love the colors the stale and texture. thank Synthia

        • reply Ammy John ,

          Really, The polymer clay necklace is fantastic Designs. I love it.

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