Campbell’s faux batik buzz

Heather Campbell Faux Batik Brooch

One of the techniques that built a buzz at the IPCA retreat in Chicago was the faux batik method that Heather Campbell demoed. Faux batik fits perfectly with Heather’s complex, gilded and textured style and looks in sync with the approaching fall colors. She’s uploaded some new samples to her blog.

I missed the Chicago event in July so I’ve spent the afternoon trying to research a bit more about the process. The closest I’ve come is Judy Belcher’s method in her Creative Traditions book.

Heather Campbell - Faux Batik 2

I’m not sure that’s how Heather is achieving her effects, but either way my mind is reeling with ideas. Already variations on this theme are popping up on the web. Thanks to Lindly Haunani for pointing out what I missed.

  • reply Kathi ,

    Heather’s technique is awesome. Don’t worry, she is working on getting it published 😀

    • reply Maureen Carlson ,

      I was at the IPCA retreat and spoke with Heather. She has teaching and writing plans “in the works” for this technique, so stay tuned to her site to hear more. Her broad range of work is amazing in both its visual and symbolic depth. Her students are in for a treat!

      • reply jana ,

        So happy to have another chance to root for Heather 🙂 She strips away
        preconceived notions and ideas, and creates from an inspired common sensical approach. THIS is how she comes up with such ideas. No doubt, there will be many more in the future. Heather’s an inspired and talented artist, gifted intellect and _beautiful_ person. You go, my friend…

        • reply Jeannie ,

          I love the faux batik and her faux needlepoint pendants crazy fun

          • reply Maria Alexandrou ,

            Heather Campbell this is the first time I saw your work. I’ve read “I know why the bird in the cage is singing” by M. Angelou and it inspired me as well. Well your work is fabulous. I would like to hear more from you. A new book maybe…. in batic ….. or something more. I will be very glad to hear it!!!!
            from Cyprus

            • reply Judy ,

              What a joyous spirit Heather has. It was a delight to finally meet her and spend some time together. Her work moves and touches me. Need to go to her website and order prints!

              • reply Lisa Clarke ,

                Love it! I’ve been dabbling in faux batik ideas for a few years, but have never come up with a technique that pleases me entirely. This is very well-done!

                • reply Sabine ,

                  Your work is just wonderful, so warm and organic. Love what you have done with this technique.

                  • reply Heather Campbell ,

                    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. Thanks to Lindly and Cynthia for featuring me. It was a nice surprise!

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