Kirsch’s polymer clutches

Ronnie Kirsch’s has expanded beyond the box (see this Polymer Art Archive post) into clutch purses.

For twenty-five years she drew jewelry collections for Tiffany, Cartier and other luxury brands. Retired from jewelry designing, Ronnie discovered polymer ten years ago and concentrated on creating box forms.

Now the small purse has caught her fancy as she shows on her new web site. She applies sheets of pattern over metal forms.

Thanks to Elise Winters for the heads up. And you’ll want to read today’s update on her project to place fine polymer clay works donated from several private collections into museums’ permanent collections.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    A girl can never have too many purse’s, or is it shoes? Functional works of art you can carry around. They are amazing!

    • reply jana ,

      I absolutely love Ronnie’s floral clutch in greens on her website…beautiful work.

      Rachel’s post at PAA was interesting and illuminating; congratulations to Elise and all involved in the ‘Polymer Collection Project’….such an achievement!

      • reply Sabine ,

        I love how the vibrant colours and intricate patterns sizzle on the simple clutch shapes. They make such a great statement.
        Keep up the hard work and momentum on the collections – we will all be indebted and greatful for the efforts made.

        • reply Lindly Haunani ,

          The Polymer Clay “Collection Project” is indeed a VERY exciting thing…lots of hard work, attention to detail, dedication, tenacity-tempered with a clear Vision on Elise Wonters’ part and aided by many dedicated volunterrs, including Rachel Carren and Nancy Travers.

          If you are interested in Polymer having the opportunity to be embraced as a serious art form in major museum collections= availble for viewing by the general public, museum curators, gallery owners and collectors… I would urge you to follow along as the details of the scope of the Project are posted on Polymer Art Archives.

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