Baldwin’s party animals


These party animals from Virginia’s Denise Baldwin (OddImagination) were built over burned out lightbulbs.

We looked at Denise’s bugs three years ago but then I lost track of her until she was prompted by last week’s post about lightbulbs to share some of her own work built over recycled bulbs. Denise’s recent work is large and sophisticated but, true to her name, still odd.

She has a blog and an Etsy gallery as well as a rich pbase site of older work.

  • reply River ,

    I love these ! I have sculpting envy.

    • reply Jeannie ,

      “Lets Party!” I’m absolutely blown away by the gnomes and I love her paintings. My favorite is Queen Nightshade. Incredible talent.

      • reply Ronalyn Hurley ,

        I’m a fan of the whimsical and quirky and these really made me smile. Love them!

        • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

          Very Maurice Sendak! Like them a lot!

          • reply Sabine ,

            How cute and delightful – I love hem, and hope she buys up globes big-time or has all friends collect used ones, as I’m not sure how the toxic mercury containing fluorescents will look.

            • reply Christine Harris ,

              I agree with the Maurice Sendak comment! These are wonderful. The colors are great and they have a great sense of humor.

              • reply Sandra Davis ,

                Cynthia the baldwin’s party animals make me smile! she did gret work on them.

                • reply Bill Zicker ,

                  Wonder if Oozeq armatures would make this even better than old lightbulbs?

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