Hewitt’s cane-inspired fabric

You may be used to making polymer clay buttons to match fabric, here’s an idea that turns the tables. The picture isn’t great but the concept is terrific.

Enterprising polymer clay artist and seamstress Jema Hewitt has begun using Spoonflower, a print-on-demand fabric company in North Carolina, to make fabric from photos of her polymer clay canes.

She explains that, “I just took a photo of my polymer clay slab, tweaked it and cropped it in photoshop and saved a 300dpi jpg. The polymer clay is on the left, the fabric on the right of the photo!” Click on the picture and look closely to get the full effect.

The UK artist is considering producing a line of corsets or waistcoats from her polymer-inspired companion material. While corsets were certainly not the first items that popped into my head, Jema has 20 years experience in the theatre, bridal and costuming business and after a browse through her sites (Kindred Spirits, Steampunk Jewellery, Etsy and her blog SparklyJem) you’ll see how it’s a natural next step for this designer.

It’s an exciting concept to consider at the start of your week.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    OMG, what a find! Warning to anyone who loves fabric and pattern… Heroic effort is required to avoid this fantastic tool! If I’m going to get any work done today I’m gonna have to sit on my hands, close my eyes and hum real loud so I don’t get distracted – Oh the possibilities! (Heh… Any deadlines missed today are going to be blamed on you, Cynthia. ;D )

    Ok, now I’m not joking – Jema, I love the mix of your cane work with your fabric. Just delicious! I’m going back to Etsy to “heart” your shop. Brava!

    • reply Mandi Koss ,

      I have been doing this too. I take photos of my pendants, crop, tweek and upload to spoonflower! I’m able to create designs that I would never be able to make with software.

      • reply Barbara Handy ,

        This is very interesting, you learn something new everyday.

        • reply Angie Cornelius ,

          What an incredible idea! I have to try this… in my “spare time” LOL!

          • reply Mandi Koss ,

            • reply jema hewitt ,

              Great minds think alike Mandi 😉
              I love the colours in your fabrics -really vibrant.
              Thanks everyone – I made up my first piece into a panel for a corset which i wore to the first UK steampunk convention…

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