Polymer permanent collection

You may have heard rumors about polymer clay being accepted into major museums. The rumors are true!

Read today’s post at the PolymerArtArchive to learn how the dream of recognition for the polymer medium was brought to life by Elise Winters and others.

The Board of Trustees at the Racine Art Museum (RAM) in Racine, Wisconsin has confirmed their commitment to establish a permanent collection of polymer clay jewelry, beads and objects (like this early leaf necklace by Pier Voulkos). The museum will assemble a world-class collection of works, preserve study pieces for future research, establish a small library, set up an exhibition and more.

While the museum will absorb some costs and solicit grants for this project, much of the support will have to be raised through our community. You, your guild, your group can help elevate and secure this artform. PolymerClayDaily will join in the fundraising efforts. Your tax-deductible donations will provide crucial support.

Thanks go to Elise, her colleagues and collectors for their work and their generosity which has helped our art take this major step forward.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    THIS IS FANTASTIC! IT’S A SHAME IT TOOK THIS LONG. Elise’s post is wonderful. I can do my part.

    • reply Marjorie Oxman ,

      It’s about time!

      • reply Tracy Holmes ,

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          • reply Sherry Bailey ,

            OK, Now I need to make a list of the things in my collection that I should leave to the Museum in my will. Early Voulkos, Ford & Forlano, Toops, Dustin, etc. things that (since I was able to buy them) might not be their top of the line work, but which are still wonderful and could be kept or sold as a support for the project! Wonderful!

            • reply Karen Sexton ,

              Thanks for sharing the wonderful news! A permanent collection of polymer clay artistry is long overdue and reflects the untiring effort of leaders like Elise Winters & others. Based on your post & the info from PolymerArtArchive, the Mile High Polymer Clay Guild voted to send a $100 donation to the museum.
              We hope other guilds will do likewise.

              • reply Angela ,

                Baltimore Clayworks museum and gallery is also doing their part to promote polymer clay as a legimate art medium by hosting an exhibition of selected polymer clay artists from October 2nd through November 6th. The exhibition is called Adornement Adored. Here is a link to their website http://www.baltimoreclayworks.org

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