Kato toys with polymer

The posts were all international last week! Perhaps that’s because the heart of the action was moving to the Euro Clay Carnival in France this week. If you study their class descriptions and photos you can experience a bit of the thrill vicariously.

You’ll want to read the updated class descriptions for November’s Las Vegas Clay Carnival too. Lynne Ann Schwarzenberg debuts her Filigree/Foliage Fusion class.

Kim Cavender introduces her Pearl Burgers that mimic the look of dyed silk ribbon and pearls without any of the sewing.

Donna Kato has branched out into toys with her new polka dot spinner bracelet. The rings spin so that you can wear the piece and entertain yourself too.

  • reply Christine Dumont ,

    Your bracelets are fab, Donna! I hope you are bringing them with you to Luc-sur-Orbieu. See you on Thursday.

    • reply Loretta ,

      holy cow – love, love, love these bracelets!!
      No crazy techniques – just major creativity, innovation and breaking through the box! Way to go, Donna.

      • reply Melanie West ,

        Oooolala!!! I love Kim’s pearl burgers (as well as her wonderful sense of humor)! And Donna’s bangles are just delightful! Any chance we could see them in action? 😉 Moving objects as jewelry is a wonderful idea.

        Brava and congrats all around!

        • reply Jeannie ,

          Everything here to look at today is delightful, but the filigree foilage is outstanding.

          • reply Meisha Barbee ,

            I love the simple dynamics and sculptural quality of Donna’s Bracelets. The technical skill required to achieve such a fine finish amazes me. Bravo Donna!
            Donna continues to delight me as she presents new fashion forward designs.

            • reply Bettina ,

              I actually had the chance to hold the prototype of Donna’s bracelets in my hands and they’re amazing. A wonderful idea and a great class – you will have a lot of fun in Vgeas with these…and in case I didn’t mention it before….Donna is a genius. Her designs are always playful yet sophisticated…I love her work.

              We’re both really excited about heading to the Euro Clay Carnival and meet all these wonderful european claydies (and Danny of course…*g*)….looking forward to all of you…

              And Kimmie: great Burgers..*g*…can’t wait to see you again….

              • reply isa ,

                I love your work Dona, and I am happy to see you on April…..yeaahhhhh..what’s beautiful bracelet !…do you remember the “caca” clay to Notthingham with your great french accent ???? haha……it’s so long to wait to April……..biz

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