Sila’s polymer dahlias

Ponsawan Sila‘s polymer clay flowers were inspired by one lonely dahlia bloom she grew in her garden this year. Her enthusiasm and optimism may help you find yours this Monday.

She generously shares her tutorials for the canes on one site. On her blog Ponsawan shows the results, jewelry she assembles from slices that have been stacked, stretched and manipulated into a wild garden of blooms.

  • reply maureen carlson ,

    What a lovely way to start the week! Ponsawan is talented, generous and also very funny. Loved going to her blogs and scrolling down the pages and picking up her wry comments.

    And Cynthia, you seem to know just what we need to see and hear.

    Thank you.

    • reply hypatia ,

      I love her tutorials!

      • reply leslie blackford ,

        Ponsawan is just as lovely a person as the beautiful flowers that she creates. I had the pleasure of sitting in the back of the room with her and Maureen. We just ” clicked” and it seemed like the 3 of us fed off of each others creative energy. Ponsawan made some absolutely fabulous rings using some canes like these. I still want one of those rings,Ponsawan.

        • reply La Bohemien ,

          I love this work, is beautiful!!!

          • reply Jeannie ,

            This is beautiful. I wish my garden looked this slendid!

            • reply Dede Leupold ,

              How nice to wake up to some beautiful flowers! My real ones froze in the snow storm we had yesterday!

              • reply Ponsawan ,

                Thank you, Cynthia.

                • reply Diana/QueenieMerm ,

                  Great job on your Dahlias! One of my favorite flowers, and like what you did with them. the presentation is really nice!!!



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