Malinow eyefun online

Wendy Malinow’s new sites live up to her business name, Eyefun! She brings her illustrator’s drawing and storytelling sensibility to polymer clay.

Wendy explains that, “Combining media of varied value, lots of color, and different emotional connections into a piece that resonates with the viewer is my goal. Using old and new, expensive and cheap, silly or dark, hopefully forms complex layers of meaning and value.”

Wendy’s a three-time Saul Bell Design winner and I’m giddy with excitement at her plunge into the digital realm.  She’s filled an Etsy gallery in addition to her new personal site.

In November, you can see her work in Mobilia Gallery’s quirky show, The Teapot Redefined. Eyefun, indeed! Thanks to Judy Belcher for the link!

Lisa Clarke (PolkaDotCottage) cajoled me into talking about the story of PCDaily for her Morning Coffee series. Her interviews are a nice read with a muffin and coffee.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    This is some of the most exquisite work I’ve seen. Even her gallery and esty shop is designed beautifully .

    • reply Dede Leupold ,

      Your amazing Wendy! Great imagination, wonderful work.

      • reply Christine Harris ,

        great designs and colors!

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