Glowing polymer ghoulies

Even some of Christi Friesen’s glow-in-the-dark polymer clay ghoulies have gone all steampunk! Once a year, Christi is compelled to whip up these mixed media mini sculptures for Halloween. She offers a whole page of them here.

Austin guild member Joyce Cloutman (Whimsy Lane) creates endearing fantasy creatures like this sweety witch with a glowing pumpkin.

Joyce is pretty new to polymer and her fellow guild members had to prod her to put up her first Flickr page. Her imps have captivating expressions and surprising details.

Thanks to Randee Ketzel for spearheading the effort and sending the link.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    The wonders of polymer clay never cease to amaze me. Christi’s ghoulie’s are just what I needed today.

    • reply Cheryl ,

      Christi is a personal friend and her creativity apparently knows no boundaries. She is a constant source of wonder and inspiration!

      • reply Wandie Ortiz ,

        I love these characters she’s created! So original and fun.

        • reply Meisha Barbee ,

          I had a chance to see Christi’s Ghoulies in person last week, and love,love, loved them. But I just discovered one the best things about them upon visiting Christi’s site.
          IT’S THEIR WILDLY INVENTIVE NAMES. Sneep, Hrumph, and Skrinch to name a few. Too much fun. You keep us laughing Christi.

          • reply Joyce Cloutman ,

            Thank you so much for the kind words. I was just stunned when I saw your posting about my “little people”. What an honor. Thank You!

            A few years ago I was able to take a workshop with Christi and not only did I learn a lot but it was so much fun. Her creativity is boundless as well awesome.

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