Two more additions to the Niche nominees from Loretta Lam. Her finalists are Come Dancin’ in the polymer category (hey, we talked about that piece in August) and Hanging Basket (pictured here) in the fashion jewelry category.

Loretta says of all the entries, “Can’t you feel the winds of change? We will soon be sitting at the big kids’ table!”

Finding a subject to talk about has been easy as these award nominees floated in. I may have to return to regular research and web surfing for tomorrow’s news.

  • reply Melanie West ,

    I was wondering if Loretta was in the running… Well done! Beautiful work, as always, my friend.

    Look out, NICHE, the polymer gang are comin’! 😉

    • reply Ronna Sarvas Weltman ,

      Gorgeous, joyous pieces, Loretta! This year’s polymer clay niche winners reflect a distinct artistic vision and voice combined with totally-nailed-it craftsmanship. I think lots of prejudices about polymer clay (and other non-traditional materials) are going to be put to bed with this group of winners. Fabulous, impressive work.

      • reply Jeannie ,

        Oh stop, you’re killing me. I think they should all win.

        • reply Sharon Palac ,

          I love them all, but I am especially drawn to the whimsical and free spirited Hanging Basket necklace.

          • reply Marge Taylor ,

            I love the Hanging Basket necklace, you continue to inspire me, Loretta!

            • reply Liz Hall ,

              I was just at the show Adornment Adorned at Baltimore Clayworks Gallery and saw some of Loretta’s pieces including this necklace, I really love her work and wanted to buy it! There where a lot of super polymer clay artists in that show. Congrats Loretta on the Niche nomination.

              • reply Loretta ,

                Thanks so much ladies. I guess I forgot to check on comments here – so please excuse my tardiness.

                • reply Dabanga dos Santos ,

                  Lorettas’ work is not only colourful, but takes u to an unknown destination, where you discover an indescribable design aesthetic. It enchants me!

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