Set in stone – Tinapple’s faux pebbles

These polymer clay tab and slot faux pebble beads are a new design for me. In fact, they’re a first effort and I’ve been test driving them to make sure the pebbles aren’t too delicate for wearing in real life. They’ve passed the test nicely.

In the upcoming online class at Craftcast with Alison Lee I’ve promised to tell everything I know about polymer pebble making. That sent me back to the studio to figure out just what I do know. Uncomfortable situations often provide the spark I need for creative solutions.

This is my newest trick and I can see using for lots of non-pebble applications as well. Join me and Alison on December 2.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    If I could get flash player on my computer I would love to take this class. How fun. The pebbles look so real. I can’t imagine them NOT passing the test.

    • reply claire maunsell ,

      The way those go together is very intriguing – do you have a detail shot? They are wonderful and calming…

      • reply Judy ,

        Beautiful Cynthia! Can’t wait for your class. So glad you are doing it.

        • reply Melanie West ,

          Oh Cynthia! Your new design is fantastic! In fact… Brilliant! Well done, my dear. Perhaps we will get a first person look at those wonderful beads at Synergy? 😉

          Congrats on the Craftcast class! (Oooo… say that three times fast! o.0) I’m so happy you are getting the recognition you truly deserve. If I can, I will surely tune in! Faux stones and I have not gotten along too well, and I would love to learn from you!

          (Oh, and btw, thanks for the link, and my apologies for not getting back to you… life has been waaaay too full lately – but you know me, weeks late and a C note short. Ugh. Also, please know that I have been loving the posts you’ve been sharing with us. Terrific work all!)

          • reply sandra ,

            VERY cool! Looks like you made that research trip to the beach.

            • reply Kate/OrganicOdysseys ,

              Hi Cynthia,

              I’ve always love stones, remember picking them up an putting them in my pockets as a kid and still do today! I hadn’t seen your email about today’s post, but came across this artist I wanted to share with you just because of your love of pebbles and stones and I came here and look what feature I found! Brilliant!

              Love your necklace, and when you find time, feast your eyes on this natural artist, he seems to share our love of stone formations too!


              • reply Gera Scott Chandler ,

                oooohhh… fascinating! Always fun to see a new spin on beachstones!

                gera (fellow addict)

                • reply Marnie Blum ,

                  Love em! Can’t wait for the class!

                  • reply Tina Holden ,

                    Kudos…from a fellow pebble maker. I loooove beach pebbles, lol

                    • reply Alisa ,

                      I love that! Super design, and I’d love to seem the more up close and in person, too.

                      • reply Alisa ,

                        Umm… could I edit that comment? LOL! Was typing on the run. Forgot to add that I agree about uncomfy situations sparking creativity.

                        Would love to SEE these tab and slot pebble beads up close and in person!

                        • reply polymer clay in the news: articles, online class | Daily Art Muse ,

                          […] clay beach pebbles in a LIVE, online class hosted by Alison Lee. More from Tinapple about the class here and read what Lee has to say about the polymer pebbles here. If you haven’t tried polymer […]

                          • reply Silvana Bates ,

                            Gorgeous , who wouldn’t want to wear it?

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