Dittmar’s 3D polymer

Portland’s Meredith Dittmar reveals some of her process through her Flickr site photos. This fascinating insider’s view shows the scale and complexity of her vision and lets us glimpse her methods of working in 3D in polymer clay.

The piece pictured here is entitled Inter-thinking. It’s a 14″x12″ polymer clay sculpture now at Jonathan Levine, a NYC gallery that exhibits work influenced by illustration, comic books, graffiti, street art and pop culture imagery.


Some of Dittmar’s new pieces are for her December solo show at Upper Playground in Mexico City. Don’t miss her wide-ranging projects, a t-shirt design, clay illustrations for a lingerie company, an animation for a bank, and of course, her guys.

Susan Lomuto at DailyArtMuse sent the link along.

  • reply gemma ,

    wow that image is amazing its like someone is telling us of a fantasy adventure

    • reply jana ,

      I love Meredith’s work; she has the amazing talent of taking simple, clean colors and shapes, and turning them into stories with such depth, complexity and interest…it’s hard to pull your eyes away! She’s also ever-evolving…love these new pieces..

      • reply kathy ,

        I absolutely love Dittmar’s work and her creatures are so unique and lovable. Her Inter-thinking sculpture is a fantastic progression of her style.

        • reply Christine Harris ,

          I have been watching her work for a couple of years and I think she is amazing! I admire her use of color and form in her sculptures.

          • reply Bananalana ,

            Her color compositions are really really breathtaking!

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