Diffendaffer’s re-entry beads

Grant Diffendaffer begins his new textured tube beads by making blanks. He explains that, “Any time I’ve been away for a while from the practice of making beads, I find I need an easy re-entry to get things moving again in the studio. These beads are perfect. I roll out a batch of core beads to start with. It’s a straightforward task with zero creative demands.” A good Monday tip?

The depth and texture that Grant achieves are the result of texturing and carving the color layer applied to the blank base beads. His style is agressive, sculptural and distinct. You can see more textured tube beads on his Etsy shop and his Flickr stream. Thanks to Leila Bidler of Germany for the link.


Seeing the pictures from Heather Campbell’s show opening put her polymer clay/mixed media artwork in better perspective for me. Judging from the visitors standing beside works in her exhibit, the art is much bigger than you might have envisioned. The pictures are stunning and the show is impressive. Congratulations, Heather.

  • reply Heather Campbell ,

    Grant, these beads are wonderful! What a great look. I will have to check out your book.

    • reply Heather Campbell ,

      Thank you Cynthia, it was a lovely experience and I appreciate your kind words and support. By the way I love your beach pebbles. Very fun, free and funky!

      • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

        Grant’s approach to “warming up” is great, as it allows one to slowly get back into the groove. Thank you for sharing this fabulous idea and directing me to his flickr account. Grant, your beads are from “another planet”, so inspiring and stimulating for one’s curiosity.
        Heather’s work is amazing. I wish I can one day view it from close proximity too. It deserves to fill the computer screen to be enjoyed in all it’s detail. Whoa, what a treat for the senses.

        • reply Jeannie ,

          These remind me of something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe something from greek mythology. They’re original and beautiful.

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