Williamson takes wing

Genevieve Williamson (Jibby and Juna) started out to make polymer icicle ornaments and ended up with these cool, fluttery feathers. The ornaments that she stamped and painted and carved may morph into winged pendants. Sometimes our muse leads us off in new directions.

I’m winging off to California today for a holiday visit. My camera and computer have traveled with me, of course, and I’m keeping my eyes open for polymer clay of the west coast variety.

  • reply Kathi ,

    wow, those are sweet!

    Have fun in Ca. If I see you I will wave

    • reply Alisa ,

      I was just admiring those yesterday on her blog. Couldn’t stop drooling.
      I love when one idea morphs into another!

      • reply Elizabeth ,

        I thought these were very inspiring. She has a subtle hand and seems to know just when to stop. I admire that quality a lot!

        • reply Genevieve ,

          Thank you so much Cynthia! It is humbling, exciting and a great encouragement to be here!
          Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

          • reply Jeannie ,

            These are awesome. I see them on a wreath with white ribbon. The best come when I don’t have a plan.

            • reply Beverly Jane ,

              Oh, my your feathers are so real, I just want to reach in and touch them. Lovely.

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