Sahl’s winter wonderland polymer


When Sharon Sahl unveils her polymer clay gingerbread houses, I know the holiday season has begun. Sharon’s attention to detail is phenomenal and her knowledge of Christmas cookies and candies is comprehensive. Every butter cookie and ribbon candy is mouthwateringly accurate and the scenes are magical (so much so that I keep mine on display all year long).


The houses are decorated with candy and cookies and icing, requiring multiple bakes before the bases are started. Finishing the bases with paths, fences, trees, gingerbread men, snowmen, candy gardens and perhaps a pond or stream is the last step,” she says.

Sharon’s only made ten of these beauties this year. Please buy them quickly so that I can stop obsessing. She’s been making ornaments and sculptures since the 1970s, first in bread dough and in polymer since 1983. Her long-time collectors are happy she’s moved back to Ohio.

Enjoy her winter wonderlands and have a wonderful weekend.

  • reply Melinda Hayes ,

    OMG! Unbelievably good. The amount of work that goes into her houses is phenomenal. What a wonderful way to start the day.

    • reply Elizabeth ,

      Wow. I’m not worthy, I’m not worthy, LOL. That is really amazing and inspiring.

      • reply Angie Cornelius ,

        Mouthwateringly beautiful! The ornament is precious too. Very merry and bright!

        • reply Gaina ,

          Oh my goodness, the more I look at this, the more I notice and I’m in awe of her attention to detail!

          • reply Sunny ,

            These are amazing. Would love to know the size and scale. Nothing on their website to indicate this info.

            • reply Jeannie ,

              Holy Cow! and the ones in her shop NOT for sale are even more detailed. Incrediable!

              • reply Susan ,

                The ornaments measure about 4-5inches tall. When my children were young we lived near the Sahl’s. Sharon taught them to make tiny clay figures – just for fun. I have a wonderful collection of her ornaments and am thrilled to find that she is back in Ohio. I wish I had found her earlier.

                • reply christie rowan ,

                  i was wondering if you can help me. i have an extensive collection of sharon sahl polymer clay figures. i was hoping you can help me find a way to sell them.
                  thank you for your time.

                  • reply Diane enama ,

                    Did you sell your ornaments?

                    • reply I have 4 adorable female ornaments in perfect condition. Are you still looking to purchase??? ,

                      I have 4 adorable little female ornaments in perfect condition. Are you still looking to purchase?

                  • reply lee ,

                    i also have a huge collection of the sharon sahl ornaments that i no longer have the rom to display (over 150 pieces) and i am interested in finding someone who would like to buy some/all of them

                    • reply Cher West ,

                      Hi Lee – I have acquired a few of the SOSahl figures after my MIL passed away earlier this year. I wondered if the creator has passed away. I know this is a long time past your note on the Pokymer Clay Dail , but if you are still selling any of these figures I am interested!

                      • reply Donna Stephen ,

                        I have a few beautiful SOSahl ornaments I would like to sell, still in their original boxes. If you are interested in buying, please contact me.

                        • reply Cher ,

                          Donna – Just saw your note about the SOS ornaments. If you have any still Id be interested. If you do – can you send me some pics?

                    • reply Cheryl Britton ,

                      Her things are awesome! I myself own quite a few of her pieces. Love them.

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