Lehman’s festive pens

Jana Lehmann doesn’t have her Christmas cards in the mail yet. She got sidetracked making these festive polymer pens! These nicely shaped wooden ballpoints were begging for holiday decoration.

Her rationale is that,”Filling in a form, writing a shopping list, signing a contract – all these can be special events now.”

On her new website Jana shares pictures of her little corner workspace. You can take a closer look at her collection on her Flickr pages. Enjoy and have a weekend filled with special events.

  • reply Liz Hall ,

    Those pens are wonderful!

    • reply Tina Wade ,

      These pens make me want to write something. They are truly inspirational!

      • reply Jenean ,

        I really like the pens. The colors are great, so festive.

        • reply Marnie Blum ,

          Absoultely fabulous!

          • reply Jeannie ,

            How fun. I would love to pull one of these out of my purse and watch people’s reaction.

            • reply Wendy ,

              Wow, now where can we get one, or two, or three?

              • reply Sharon MacLeod ,

                Happy, happy, happy! I want one….

                • reply Jana Lehmann ,

                  Thank you very much. I don’t have an etsy shop yet, not until january.

                  • reply Nancy Reding ,

                    Does she sell them?

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