Write it down

Marcia Palmer brings style to the office on PolymerClayDaily.com

Atlanta’s Marcia Palmer makes pen sets that fly out of her Etsy shop. Having a matching base for each pen means that they stand a better chance of staying put on the desk.

Marcia textures and carves the imitative bone polymer and highlights it with paint.

Marcia Palmer brings style to the office on PolymerClayDaily.com

Be aware that not all pen bodies covered with polymer can withstand the heat of the oven. Some melt into puddles of plastic (first-hand experience). Best to test an uncovered one first. Oh, and don’t put the ink cartridge in the oven. Big mess.

Marcia’s got a knack for bringing big style to the office.


Improve your writing

MaryAnne Loveless mosaics pens with cane slices to improve writing on PolymerClayDaily.com

Can you imagine the stash of small canes that Utah’s Mary Anne Loveless has at her fingertips when she starts to assemble her covered pens? And the coordinated tops are slightly flattened beads.

Little delights like this around the house bring smiles for years to come every time someone jots a note. See the rest of them on her Flickr page.

All this begins with an inexpensive Bic pen and some small canes.

Polymer curves

The lovely curves of Jana Lehmann’s newest polymer pens are offset by crisp, quirky designs layered over sensuous Skinner blends.

Those shapely pen bases must only be available in Germany. They would certainly have been snapped up by polymer enthusiasts if they were available in the U.S. Does anyone have a source? 

Even Jana’s Easter eggs show off her graphic sensibility. She has a whole gallery just for pens and polymer objects on Flickr. Jana sets a high bar for design.

Halloween reminder

This polymer witch’s finger wagged at me, reminding me that Halloween’s coming and we haven’t paid much attention! While these fingers have appeared on several sites, YoungCreative Marie’s covered Bic pen version shown here is both creepy and utilitarian! Marie also offers finger jewelry.

You must read the stories that accompany Nicole Johnson’s Mealy Monsters. Her characters are mostly grumpy misfits with issues that have a certain charm about them. This lovely lavender fellow is Gilbert. How does she give them such personality?

Lehman’s festive pens

Jana Lehmann doesn’t have her Christmas cards in the mail yet. She got sidetracked making these festive polymer pens! These nicely shaped wooden ballpoints were begging for holiday decoration.

Her rationale is that,”Filling in a form, writing a shopping list, signing a contract – all these can be special events now.”

On her new website Jana shares pictures of her little corner workspace. You can take a closer look at her collection on her Flickr pages. Enjoy and have a weekend filled with special events.