Botton transfers fabrics

The textiles from her day job in China have crept into French artist Cecilia Botton’s (Mabcrea) newest work. Cecilia’s obviously comfortable with crossing borders and mixing cultures.

The caption on this new monochromatic necklace says that she’s using a transfer technique and transfers catch my attention these days. She promises to create a tutorial soon.

Her Flickr pages are filled with experiments and exercises. She credits the work and artists who inspire her and lets us watch as she works out her versions. Cecilia also offers a bunch of fun step-by-step visual tutorials which are easy to understand in any language.

  • reply Jeannnie ,

    WOW This is amazing.

    • reply Meisha Barbee ,

      This piece is so beautiful, I can hardly stand it!!! I particularly love the Spleen1 piece on her flicker page…so perfectly resolved, I’d love to own the piece for my collection.

      • reply sevargences ,

        wahhh so beautiful !!as aslways with cecilia !!and she’s so great !!

        • reply Sharon MacLeod ,

          The necklaces done with transfers are gorgeous. Any idea how she did them?

          • reply Marjorie Oxman ,

            Stunning! Can’t wait for the tutorial…

            • reply Sabine ,

              Whoa, the necklace looks soo professional. It’s only a glimpse at what is on offer on her flickr site. I am so inspired by her work and craftsmanship. And her use of colours and textures is just fabulous – will keep it on my screen for awhile.

              • reply francoise ,

                Absolutly FABULOUS !!!!

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