Samsonova builds big canes

Elena Samsonova introduces us to polymer clay canes in hot colors on a day when I’m surrounded by cold white snow.

I warmed up with her Flickr photos and was thrilled to find her website which is bursting with more bright treats, tutorials and videos.

You’ll see how she transforms this big fish cane into beads of all shapes and sizes and then fashions them into many wearable pieces.

Elena assembles a similar big cane in a series of videos, muttering softly in Russian and English all the while. It’s great watching when you’re snowbound. Thanks to Randee Ketzel for the link and have a warm weekend.

  • reply jana ,

    I’m not usually drawn to primary colors, but Elena has a way of creating sharp, geometric designs using these colors that are crisp, eyecatching and beautifully finished. This is particularly evident in a few of the pendants on her flickr page in the image titled “Silver Pendants”. It’s apparent that she’s having fun and pushing her boundaries…good on you, Elena!

    • reply Jeannie ,

      ouuuuuuuuuuu, color, lotsa lotsa color. This is so me. Love

      • reply Elena Samsonova ,

        Cynthia, so many warm words from you!! I’m trilled! Thanks!
        And thank you, Jana for such a great comment!

        • reply Sabine ,

          Waking up to such inspiration is a fabulous way of starting a new day in the studio. Love the Hundertwasser-like bright colors Elena uses. Can’t wait for her next project. I am so in awe of all the image sharing – need to make time to do some of it too.

          • reply Cindy Walcott ,

            Wow! Such exuberence!!!

            • reply Debby Roberts ,

              Wonderful! They look like fabric in fantastic colors.

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