With all my polymer clay heart

Marcia Palmer Iris Mishly Tamara Shea
Liz Hall Sophie Dowse Laurel Steven

Polymer clay hearts abound…and not just your run-of-the-mill cookie cutter variety. You’ll find cosmic, ethnic and anatomically correct versions to get you in the mood. I’ll sprinkle a few of my favorites in over the next few weeks though I can’t possibly cover them all.

  • reply Iris Mishly ,

    Thank you so much Cynthia!
    i am in love with hearts 😉

    • reply Christine Dumont ,

      Yay, Iris!

      • reply Jeannie ,

        I LOVE Hearts of any kind. This was delightful to see them all here today. Wonderful, Wonderful PC artists.

        • reply Laurel Steven ,

          Wow! Thanks so much for including me, Cynthia! Sometimes I feel like “Hearts R Us” – I make so many of them! But only because I love them….

          • reply marcia ,

            Aww! The the hearts are sweet, and so are you. But I guess you hear that all the time. I’m looking forward to seeing more hearts over the next few weeks. Thanks!

            • reply Alisa R. ,

              Is it too cliche` to say they’re LOVEly? Heart shapes are a favorite all year long for me. I’ll be anxious to see more of your discoveries!

              • reply Liz Hall ,

                Thank you so much for including my heart ring – I always had a hard time making hearts, but had requests for them all the time. I didn’t start enjoying making them until I started working in polymer clay, now I can’t make enough of them, I love what I can do with the PC, makes it fun!

                I really enjoy seeing all the other hearts, what beauties and very inspirational! Can’t wait to see more.

                • reply Lynda Moseley ,

                  Look at all those PCAGOE Guild members! I love it! Amazing talents on display, thank you so much for featuring them, Cynthia. Awesome hearts!

                  • reply Sabine Spiesser ,

                    What a lovely collection of hearts. The heart shape, even the cookie cutter variety is a great one to showcase what an artist is capable of. It’s also a great way to record a new technique and share it with others. Quirky, serious, seductive, technically brilliant …….so many possibilities with one shape.

                    • reply Sandra ,

                      I’m happy to see all the hearts. there are beautiful and had their own personality.

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