Mary Mary, not at all contrary


Mary Mary lives in Cornwall by the seaside where she runs on the beach and makes jewelry, mostly hearts. Quirky romantic hearts with polka dots. Take a look at her lovely website, close your eyes, take a deep breath and imagine.

  • reply sandra mccaw ,

    How timely, Cynthia. I’m leaving for London tomorrow where Mary has a booth at Covent Garden. Just printed out directions!

    • reply Patricia Kramer ,

      Sweet! I love these!

      • reply Gaina ,

        OK. That shop actually made me *squeal* like a big girl, so overwhelmed by the pretties, was I :D.

        • reply Jackie Ryan ,

          These hearts are just delightful, how nice someone from the Westcountry got a mention here. I love visiting Covent Garden when I am in London so will have to make a note to look Mary up!

          • reply Jackie ,

            I have to say, I’m not big on hearts, but I LOVE these. How she makes and applies those teeny-tiny dots, I don’t know, but it must take a ton of patience.

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