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Moseley's polymer clay jade 1
Moseley's polymer clay jade 2
Moseley's polymer clay jade 3

Lynda Moseley (DivaDesigns) turned to polymer’s faux techniques when her creativity hit the doldrums. “I did some research and discovered there are six colors of natural jade – black, red, green, yellow, white and lavender,” she reports. These softly glowing specimens are the result of her research.

Funny how the right side of the brain (where the muse lives) gets freed up when we revisit the left (where the scientist studies). You can see more of Lynda’s experiments here.

Construction dust

I’ve been tapping into my inner code monkey, creating a new fan page and adding Twitter to smooth our communications and sort my non-polymer family from the art addicts. Forgive the tests and duplicate requests, the result of over-anxious fingers that run ahead of my brain.

Please join the adventure by clicking the appropriate buttons. Let’s try some new stuff. PCDaily will be right here if you get lost in the shuffle.

  • reply Pippa Chandler ,

    Lynda’s work is simply stunning. I can also say that she is an incredible artist and is one of the most helpful and giving people that I know. She epitomises all that is wonderful in the Polymer Clay community, her generosity and spirit of sharing is such an inspiration. Congratulations Lynda.

    • reply Cindy Matthews ,

      Amen and amen to all that Pippa said. Lynda is a new PC friend for me but she’s been supportive and generous and so kind in the short time we’ve been acquainted. And yes, her work is fantastic. I’ve never seen transfer work half as good as hers, and these jade pieces are top notch!

      • reply Jenn ,

        Oh, those jade samples are gorgeous! I’ve been learning bits and pieces about jade and jadeite living here in Hong Kong. I appreciate her research!

        Also, Cynthia, thanks for such a gorgeous blog. I love checking it daily.

        • reply Jeannie ,

          What a beautiful collection. I love the yellow jade cylinder bead. I don’t feel so alone. My muse went on vacation and is MIA.

          • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

            Lynda’s work is always amazing and she always has time to help or give advice. When I first got brave enough to start showing my work publicly a few months ago, she was one of my first supporters. Congratulations Lynda and *hugs* !!

            • reply Lynda Moseley ,

              What a fabulous way to start my day! A feature on PCD. That ought to shake the old muse right out of her tree!

              Thank you so much, Cynthia. It is a huge thrill to see my work here. You do so much to promote a positive image of polymer clay, and I so am honored to be featured.

              Thank you to my friends and all the people who have emailed me today about the feature. Your encouragement and support mean the world to me.

              Thanks again everyone!

              • reply ,

                Wow, these greens are fantastic! I want to make clay blends like that!

                • reply Lynn/UnaOdd ,

                  Wonderful technique! I especially love the middle one… it just glows.

                  • reply Laurel Steven ,

                    Lynda is not only a tremendously talented artist, but a really down-to-earth and lovely person as well. She deserves all the recognition she gets! Love her stuff – thanks for featuring her, Cynthia!

                    • reply Polly Dobbs ,

                      I am constantly amazed at the things Lynda creates. There are words like innovative, creative, genius, artistic, talented – and these are all great things to be called and words I’d readily use to describe Miss Lynda – but the word I’d most like to use to describe Lynda is “proficient”. Now this sounds a little blah compared to all those other words but to me, it carries much more meaning. Lynda manages to do everything she does to the with amazing skill and precision and consistency. I’m never let down by any new piece she posts on her blog, on PCAGOE, or on Flickr.

                      • reply Louise ,

                        Can’t live without you!
                        I really cannot live witout a peek on your blog!
                        It inspires or despairs me sometimes ( I cannot do that) but allways I learn and discover something!
                        Thank you ! thank you! thank you!

                        • reply revonav ,

                          Beautiful work, Lynda!

                          • reply Lynda Moseley ,

                            Thank you again, Cynthia, and everyone, for the lovely compliments!

                            • reply Faux inspiration! | Pikes Peak Polymer Clay Guild ,

                              […] you do a search on Polymer Clay Daily for faux jade, there are a number of posts as well.  One of those mentioned Lynda Moseley‘s research which resulted in her discovering that there are six […]

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