Hankerin’ for polymer hearts

Brady, Segal, Holden, Unknown, Friesen polymer clay hearts

Need another dose of romance, polymer style? The faux tooled leather is from Marlene Brady. That’s Marie Segal’s “I Heart You” note to husband Howard. A very modern Tina Holden pierces hers.

The flowered heart was so frilly and happy that I scooped it into my heart folder in big hurry and didn’t identify the artist. It’s Dominique Lavigueur’s!

Tejae Floyde's encased polymer hearts

Christi Friesen’s watercolor-meets-punk version showed up on her new Etsy site.

You simply must visit Tejae Floyde’s Flickr site to get the full heart experience. Her encased hearts with hidden messages are full of mystery and surprise.

  • reply Jeannie ,

    These are fantastic. I can’t stop looking at them. I need to get my hands to work with my muse.

    • reply alenka ,

      Great set of hearts, each different and beautiful in their own way. I have been doing some hearts lately too, in the spirit of St.Valentine day.Incredible how many different inspirations on hearts can there be.

      • reply Eva ,

        Hi Cynthia!
        never saw this beauty!
        i wish somebody tells us who made this!
        thanks for all these hearts in many posts.
        Bye bye!

        • reply Anita ,

          I them all! What a great gallery of hearts this morning. Each is wonderful.

          • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

            Beautiful Hearts! So many different styles and techniques! Guess it is the season – I have my hearts also. Brings out the sentimental side is all of us.

            • reply Michele Norine ,

              I love Valentine’s Day and these hearts just make it better….who knew there were so many ways to “do” a heart. This symbol will never go out of style!!

              • reply Marlene Brady ,

                What an honor to have one of my pieces featured in Polymer Clay Daily. I tell you I am in heaven, absolute heaven. Thank you so much, Cynthia and Happy Valentine’s Day (early)!

                • reply Cassy Muronaka ,

                  What a great selection…

                  • reply Clare Lewis ,

                    Such a great anf wide variation of hearts and the encased hearts are simple gorgeous.

                    • reply tejae ,

                      Hi Cynthia, your heart posts are always so fun. I love seeing what other artists are doing. Thanks for including my link. YOU are a Sweet Heart!


                      • reply Tina Holden ,

                        LOVE reading your posts Cynthia. I love making hearts and it’s such an honour to have one of mine included. Thank you! <3 Hearts are so much fun and it's so neat to see such a simple shape take on so many variations.

                        • reply Tina Holden ,

                          I had missed that post but just noticed it’s a one year anniversary for it, lol. My thank you is VERY late. I didn’t notice the date until just now. Broke a finger two days ago, blame the meds for my browsing at random through the posts, lol. Thank you though, Cynthia.

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