Monday lessons from Uliczny and Campbell

Uliczny's mokume earrings

Michigan’s Christi Uliczny (RiverValleyDesign) combines pearlex powders, alcohol inks and gold leaf with two different clays to create these shimmering Rocky Path earrings.

When I saw that her tutorial detailing the process is available I jumped on it. I’m a klutz with powders and inks and need all the help I can get. Her method is straightforward and clearly explained. I’ll start my week with a lesson.

Campbell's ballet sculpture

Sculpture lessons

Heather Campbell shows her work step-by-step in a recent post. Starting with two candlesticks, toe shoes and hat boxes, Heather builds an amazing polymer-covered sculpture for Utah Ballet West’s annual “Shoe In”. This small photo doesn’t do the piece justice. It’s the kind of art that’s best appreciated up close.

  • reply Angeli ,

    I was just admiring those Rocky Path earrings online yesterday! Very entrancing.

    • reply Melinda Hayes ,

      those look just like mossy cobblestones. Very cool.

      • reply Christine Damm ,

        The addition of the gold leaf in her method is an interesting variation on Laurie Prophater’s basic Ancient Metals technique.

        • reply Lisa Mackin ,

          Beautiful and very unique…both of them.

          • reply Lynda Moseley ,

            When I saw Christi’s earrings on flickr, my mouth dropped open! They are gorgeous, and I am so happy to hear there is a tutorial available.

            Congratulations on being featured at PCD, Christi!

            • reply Randee M Ketzel ,

              Hee Heee–just recieved these earrings yesterday, and they are even MORE gorgoues in person!! Beautiful layers and depth. I will wear them proudly—Thanks so much, Christi!
              (and congratulations!)

              • reply Hazel ,

                Oh, I’m so glad there’s a tutorial for those earrings – I was admiring them in the gallery before!

                • reply Jeannie ,

                  Deja vu I just made some cobblestone earring like this over the weekend with ex-pearl powders. And a switchplate cover. Twilight Zone

                  • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

                    I featured these beauties on my blog Feb 7 because I thought they were stunning and so worth a mention. Christi creates such marvelous works – she completely deserves praise! Gratz!

                    • reply Sera ,

                      Those earrings look exactly like some gorjus glass lentil beads I bought at the Bead and Gem show in Sydney last year. Amazing.

                      • reply Sera ,

                        LOL – I had to go and buy the tute – first one I’ve ever paid for! Well worth the $ 🙂

                        • reply Michele Norine ,

                          Way to go Christi! These earrings are beautiful and I love it that you are sharing how to make them – gotta get this tutorial.

                          • reply Christi Uliczny ,

                            Thanks for featuring the tutorial Cynthia and thanks to all of you! Randee I will be sending you the picture of the matching necklace as soon as I get the chain for it :))

                            • reply Creating signature style ,

                              […] bought Christi Uliczny’s popular “Rocky Path” tutorial and modified the instructions extensively to create beads […]

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