Cavender emerges with moss

Cavender's moss-covered sticks and pods

Kim Cavender has emerged from hibernation covered in moss! After several months of quiet, she’s added some new work that includes faux moss clinging to her polymer sticks and stones.

Cavender's polymer rocks 2010

My polymer pebble mentor, Kim has expanded her forest finds to include nuts, vines and pods that she’ll be teaching at the Ohio retreat this weekend. (Let’s hope the snow stops.)

Kim’s rocks are beauties. Take a look at her new ones.

  • reply Angeli ,

    Amazing! The moss looks lifelike!

    • reply Jeannie ,

      I can’t believe how real that moss looks. This piece is amazing. I love the mosaic piece to.

      • reply Anita Brandon ,

        I am such a big fan of her organic work and realistic faux rocks. This mossy new creation is gorgeous.

        • reply jana ,

          I think this is Kim’s finest work to date…her rocks and pebbles have always been amazing, but these ones..well, she’s outdone herself! And, the sticks, moss and pods make me want to go grubbing around in the forest and get some dirt under my fingernails…boy, is it ever time for Spring! Way to go, Kim..

          • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

            Beautiful! Almost makes you think that if you shake it something will fall off or come climbing out! I’m looking for a pillbug!

            • reply medusa ,

              She does so beautyfull things, I like it a lot!

              • reply Janice Sears ,

                Wow! not only the moss, but the sticks and seed pods! Those sticks look like the bark is ready to peel right off, and the seed pods are so realistic–they look as if seeds would fall out if you tipped them over. What outstanding work!

                • reply Genevieve ,

                  Fantastic necklace! (admittedly jealous of her skills with moss 🙂 I also really enjoy that its asymmetric.

                  • reply Michele Norine ,

                    WOW!! The moss is incredible, but I can’t get over the “twigs” or “sticks” – they look exactly like the real thing!!

                    • reply Hazel ,

                      Those are simply amazing. I could look at them all day, and still see things I hadn’t noticed in them before.

                      • reply C Jernigan ,

                        Beautiful artistry. I always look forward to Kim’s creations. They definitely get and keep your attention.

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