Polymer ruffles on the runway

winters rainbow cascade neckpiece
winters garden cascade
winters omni cascade neckpiece closeup

First she got us into museums, now Elise Winters has put polymer on the fashion runways.

How cool is it that Elise’s polymer clay ruffle neckpieces were featured on models in Cynthia Rowley’s Fall 2010 runway show during NY Fashion Week?

You can catch some of the glam in the video here.

winters omni cascade neckpiece closeup

In the February issue of Get Creative magazine you can read more about Elise and her remarkable story (download the article here). As she says, “I don’t believe in talent, I believe in drive and perserverance.”

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  • reply Eva ,

    I always thought that the work of Elise Winters got closer to the work of sewing, with the ribbon worked in Dodge and weave(Bias), i’m not sure of the words :-)), the starching etc….
    The link is made with this show, but the glam and shine is for Elise!
    Thanks for this post!

    • reply alenka ,

      I have read the article and watched the show, and I can say that Elise is an extraordinary woman with the goal to succeed in what she is doing! Congratulations on terrific work Elise!!!

      • reply sandra ,

        Wow! Congrats to Elise! So will you be wearing Cynthia Rowley at Synergy?

        • reply donna ,

          love that quote, “I don’t believe in talent, I believe in drive and perserverance.”

          • reply Lisa Mackin ,

            Wow – That’s quite an accomplishment!

            • reply Jeannie ,

              HOT DOG those are COOL! Can’t say the same for the clothes.

              • reply Anita Brandon ,

                What beautiful work and the fashion show inclusion and highight is both a coup and tribute to such a talented and hard-working artist who has been instrumental in bringing respect and recognition to PC as a viable art medium.

                • reply jana ,

                  Elise’s pieces (rhyme not intended!) are _perfect_ for the runway – of all the polymer work out there, I can think of none more appropriate for this ‘venue’. And, no suprise that it is Elise who has attained this accomplishment – drive and perserverance, undoubtedly yes, but I also admire what I view as her incredible, spot-on talent. A hearty congratulations to her..

                  • reply Angeli ,

                    Wow, polymer clay on the runway!

                    Congratulations Elise!

                    Your work inspires me to do better. Thank you!

                    • reply AbracadabrA ,

                      Very nice, you always give us good post and very very very interresting works for our eyes. Merci beaucoup !

                      • reply Deb Tuchsen ,

                        Polymer clay can look so delicate while being so strong – can’t think of a better symbol to march down the runway!

                        • reply Elise ,

                          Thanks to all for your very kind words.
                          Most especially, thanks to Cynthia for reminding PCD readers about the RAM Polymer Collection fund-raising.
                          Supporting this collection with an exhibition and catalog is so important for us all. Donate and read more at: http://polymerartarchive.com/collection-project/

                          • reply Mags ,

                            Huge congrats to you for such a wonderful accomplishment!! You do such a wonderful job of exposing the rest of the world to the art of polymer clay.
                            Thanks for you continued efforts

                            • reply Milner’s shifting geometry ,

                              […] Winters writes that while her jewelry’s debut on the fashion runways was exciting, it was, “…nowhere near as thrilling as seeing Gwen Ifill wearing my teal […]

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